EIFFEL & GEOSS Platform Plus impactful workshops

In the spirit of streamlining the effective collaboration among EIFFEL and GEOSS Platform Plus (GPP), the project’s consortium is building strong foundation with the GPP consortium with a view to align their activities and mutually benefit the upgrade of GEOSS and GEOSS Infrastructure Development Task Team (GIDTT) activities.

During the two events held online on the 8th and 20th of April 2022, key stakeholders from CNR, RHEA Group, SERCO EU and USGS had the opportunity to delve into the EIFFEL project, identify common activities between EIFFEL and GPP projects and initiate discussion on technical aspects of GEOSS platform: GPP and API request. Two of the main objectives of the meetings was the expansion of search privileges in DAP for EIFFEL consortium, through filling the appropriate simplified form as well as the requirements collection from EIFFEL consortium as input to GPP.

More specifically, the technical work team between the EIFFEL and GPP focused on exploitation and upgrade of current API, collection of requirements, alignment between the two consortiums, correlation with GIDTT activities and workplan.

It was unequivocally clear that EIFFEL is considered a crucial project for the GEOSS Platform Plus Project and can assist in the evolution of the platform, especially for the climate change domain. Therefore, EIFFEL received the formal approval to have access to the full capabilities of GEOSS search capabilities API, EIFFEL coordinators collected and forwarded various requirements for investigating GPP enhancements and last but not least EIFFEL and GPP share common view of potential scenarios, related to GEOSS upgrade.

In parallel EIFFEL is in close and constant collaboration with GPP consortium in relation to GIDTT activities. This is realized through regular technical meetings.