EIFFEL X GIDTT towards a common course of action for GEOSS Platform Plus

On the 14th of April 2022, the EIFFEL consortium (ICCS, LIBRA, NOA, UPV) participated in the regular meeting of GEOSS Infrastructure Development Task Team (GIDTT) in order to align and contribute to the workplan and to the upcoming GEOSS Platform Plus (GPP) activities. EIFFEL’s Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based cognitive search, GEOSS metadata augmentation and EIFFEL Ontology are expected to enhance the current GEOSS capabilities, offering also useful requirement to the GPP project.

Representatives from GEO Experts Advisory Board (GEO EAG), Group on Earth Observations, European Commission etc., had the opportunity to gain a clear perspective on EIFFEL’s contribution towards GEOSS and GPP and the fact that the project will contribute and assist on the proper definition of procedures related to the integration of new solutions to GEOSS in close collaboration with the GPP consortium. Last but not least, it was highlighted that EIFFEL’s WP3 (Augmenting GEOSS data exploration | LIBRA) activities expand at great extend GEOSS offering new state of the art (NLP, AI) technical capabilities, currently missing.

Find the full presentation here