EIFFEL Workshop in Lithuania

When Earth Observation meets Artificial Intelligence the possibilities are limitless! In this case let’s talk agriculture…

On the 22nd of November 2022, our partners from i-BEC InterBalkan Environment Center, Operational Unit BEYOND Centre of Earth Observation Research & Satellite Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens and National Paying Agency organized, in Vilnius- Lithuania, a powerful workshop with a view to present EIFFEL pilot Sustainable Agriculture alpha version results to the end user.

Presentations with methodologies and pipelines, as well as demonstration of the Sustainable Agriculture Pilot services via a web visualization engine, where the main tools to showcase results to almost 40 participants from different end user groups such as National Paying Agencies, farmers, advisors, researcher and others.

All members showed great interest for EIFFEL services and the spatial resolution of the products specifically attracted attention.

The event triggered a series of questions on how EIFFEL is planning to improve the services and share the results.

On this occassion, the communications team of EIFFEL, in order to further raise awarness, created a dedicated flyer for Pilot 2 which was distributed to all attendees.

Watch the full workshop here