EIFFEL & IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

In EIFFEL, IHE Delft Institute will primarily contribute in designing, developing and testing modelling and decision support applications for water and land management, with specific focus on a drought-prone area downstream of the Aa or Weerijs catchments in the Netherlands. This pilot (1) will be developed in partnership with two other Dutch partners (Open University - OU and the Province of North Brabant - PNB), with the primary aim of testing and demonstrating the value of using GEOSS data (in combination with locally available data) for modelling and implementation of climate adaptation measures based on natural solutions.

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Additionally, IHE Delft will participate to the development of components for improved access and usage of GEOSS data, based on AI techniques and models, as well as to tasks related to upscaling / downscaling of water-related GEOSS data. Finally, given its experience in education and training IHE Delft, will be involved in dissemination, training and impact demonstration of the EIFFEL project.

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