EIFFEL at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair (15th – 19th September, 2021)

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Our EIFFEL partners LIBRA & NOA will participate in the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair | 15th – 19th September, 2021

This Fair is the most significant exhibition in Greece, organised annually with more than 280.000 visitors coming from various sectors. Visit booth 7, stand 14 & 3 to find out why is EIFFEL a game changer in the domain of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

LIBRA (Work Package 3: Augmenting GEOSS data exploration)

LIBRA, will present the EIFFEL project and its objectives, at booth 7 of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investments.  In LIBRA's stand No.3 inside booth 7, visitors will have the chance to learn more about the EIFFEL augmenting GEOSS data exploration activities through bilateral discussions. The project will be presented through audiovisual material displayed on the stand's screen during the entire time. The EIFFEL brochure will be distributed as part of the company's material to the participants. The exhibition team will focus on the development of the cognitive search framework and the design and deployment of a range of metadata enrichment and curation mechanisms, tasks where the LIBRA contribution is significant. 

EIFFEL presentation in TIF is expected to create awareness about the project at a national level.

NOA (Pilot 4: Sustainable Urban Development)

The research and development initiative of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) for supporting and exploiting the solar energy, called solea (http://solea.gr/), provides innovative application and services to the European electricity transmission and distribution system operators as well as to the producers and investors of photovoltaic and concentrated solar power plants. Its strategic goal is the efficient integration of renewable energy in local and regional smart grids, the penetration of solar systems in smart city environments and increasing the share of these systems in the total energy offered for an affordable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Technologically it is based on satellite, ground-based and modeled big data, machine learning and forecasting techniques, graphical creation platforms and supercomputing architectures. The solea initiative is a result of important European programs (EuroGEO e-shape, EIFFEL, Excelsior, Cost inDust, Geo-Cradle Initiative, Aristotelis-Solar and Kripis-Thespia) with a total budget of more than 30 million euros in which the NOA participates inter-institutionally through the Beyond Center of Excellence, the APCG team and in collaboration with the World Radiation Center in Switzerland.