EIFFEL | First introduction of GEOSS Platform Plus Project to partners

Dimitris Bliziotis from ICCS along with NOA, CNR, RHEA and Serco colleagues successfully introduced to the EIFFEL consortium the GEOSS Platform Plus Project in order to set ground for a fruitful collaboration in the future and exchange of information.

The main objectives, of the online event held on the 10th of February 2022, were to: 1) identify common activities between the two projects, 2) investigate the creation of a dedicated working group, 3) align with GEOSS Infrastructure Development Task Force (GIDTT) priorities and 4) discuss technical aspects of GEOSS platform.

It was commonly accepted among the involved parties that EIFFEL is considered a crucial project for the GEOSS Platform Plus Project and can assist in the evolution of the platform, especially for the climate change domain; leading to the decision that a dedicated working group between the two projects, aligned with GIDTT, will be created.