EIFFEL at “Air Quality in the Ports” conference showcasing EIFFEL pilot “Infrastructure & Transport Management Regional Scale”

More than 50 people from institutions, public authorities etc. (i.e. BPA, ENAGAS, EMAYA, Consell Mallorca) had the opportunity to delve into the EIFFEL pilot “Infrastructure & Transport Management Regional Scale” at the “Air Quality in the Ports” conference in July 17th organized by Ports de Balears (BPA) in Palma, Spain.

PRODEVELOP presented EIFFEL’s tangible results to the Air Quality Ports community and shared results with other initiatives. The EIFFEL project attracted attention of the attendance and raised interested for synergies with official institutions.

During the meeting, speakers of recognized experience addressed the problem of the air quality providing the solution from different perspectives, placing special emphasis on the importance of having sufficient economic and human resources to ensure that the processes of measurement and control of air quality are rigorous and accurate, in order to obtain objective, reliable and serious data for decision making policies.

Find the full presentation here (in local language)

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